Ulurien is a large landmass and island group. It is the largest continental grouping on the planet. It consists of fifteen different nations and four unique races.

Nations of Ulurien

The nations of Ulurien can be divided into four main groups – northern, central, southern and island nations. The northern nations consist of Barbudo, Inalti, Qasr Graa, Valkenisse and Yaros. The central nations consist of Agonac, Goth Razi, Sigerstad and Vatkana. The southern nations consist of Daweina, Rhosneigr and Tham Prakham. The island nations consist of Gheledi, Lang Binh and Noughaval.

Races of Ulurien

There are four races in Ulurien, though each race has unique variants within it. The four races consist of the Manous, Edargo, Astarii and Bisewe.


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